Baby Stroller Tips – How to choose a pram for a child?

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When the family finds out about the imminent addition, active preparations begin, everything necessary for the newborn baby Stroller Tips is acquired. In the list of things necessary for a newborn, one of the main points is a stroller. If you buy this item for the first time, then the lack of experience can put you in a difficult position, choosing the first transport for the child is not an easy task.

Only when mom herself will have to bring the stroller to the floor on its own, because it does not fit in the elevator, or drag it along an uneven road, all the flaws become apparent. How to choose a pram so that every walk delivers an extremely pleasant experience?

baby strollers tips

Today there is a huge variety of different models, but all of them can be divided into 4 main groups:

1. The classic model

The landing of these models is quite high, the child will be reliably protected and will be able to walk in any weather conditions. The box, located highly convenient for parents to communicate with the baby, to give the baby a dummy, toy or water, you do not have to bend low.

By purchasing this model, be prepared for some inconvenience – such models are quite bulky and their weight is usually quite large. If your house does not have an elevator, it will be quite problematic for mom to bring in a stroller and the baby will be quite difficult, and it is not very convenient to travel with her in public transport. The wheels of classic strollers are not rotatable, therefore their maneuverability is minimal in comparison with modular strollers.

The stroller on the classic chassis has a high cross-country ability, this is especially true in the winter and in cases where you have to drive on rough roads. Also, classic strollers have the best cushioning due to large inflatable wheels and a shock-absorbing chassis; there is a motion sickness function.

2. A stroller

Designed for children who already know how to sit on their own. As a rule, these designs are lighter and more compact; they are easy to fold and unfold. Such models are very mobile and practical. Convenient for transportation, when traveling on vacation. For many, the level of the backrest is adjustable to the supine position.

This group includes strollers – canes (resembling a folded cane) and strollers – books.

3. Stroller – transformer.

This type of stroller has almost disappeared. The bottom line is that the cradle is transformed into a walking module. This dubious universal option leads to the fact that the walk may have an uncomfortable seat, and in the cradle condition its bottom may not be even, which is harmful for the child and you will have to buy a mattress in order to at least somehow level the surface. Such strollers are usually dimensional, uncomfortable, and heavy and slow due to the fact that two modules are combined into one. Modular carriages have long come to replace them.

The disadvantages of this category include a low cross in comparison with the cradles and parents will often have to lean toward the baby, since the box is located not far from the ground.

It is advantageous to purchase a transformer so as not to buy several strollers at once, since you can rebuild the design from the winter version to the summer one.

4. Universal or modular stroller

It is rapidly gaining popularity and is already loved by many parents and kids. In appearance, it looks like a transformer, but it is designed a little differently. This type of stroller has a frame with a chassis on which you can install a rigid cradle, a walking block, and in some models, also a car seat.

The baby in such a stroller will be cozy and comfortable, he will be protected from rain and wind. Older children will also be satisfied: being in a comfortable seat you can look around. In most models, it is possible to set the seat facing your mother or vice versa, of your choice.

Stroller Tips


Each of the options has its own advantages and disadvantages. If we talk about the shortcomings of classic strollers and transformers – this is a lot of weight and lack of maneuverability. The remaining disadvantages are insignificant and depend on the preferences of the parents. For example, in transformers, in a horizontal position, the cradle surface is not perfectly flat and is located at a slight slope. Problems with unevenness can be solved quite simply – putting a hard mattress.

Classic strollers will have the best cushioning with the possibility of motion sickness and a spacious cradle.

Strollers, with the common name 2 in 1 and 3 in 1, are significantly different from transformers. This model can be quickly attributed to the classics, since its frame does not add up, and the transition to the walking option occurs, as we said above, by replacing the cradle with a walking seat. The front swivel wheels make it comfortable and maneuverable (you can lock them if you wish). In the walking variant, the model is more massive and heavier than a regular stroller, but it is an order of magnitude higher and more spacious, more passable and better absorbing bumps on the road.

But, despite the availability of a walking option, parents often decide to buy a regular stroller when the child grows up, since it is quite difficult to carry a relatively heavy and dimensional stroller daily. In addition, long trips or trips with a “walk” from a modular or classic stroller are difficult to go.


If you live on the ground floor or in a private house, this criterion will not matter much to you. If your apartment is located in a high-rise building, then before you finally make your choice, it is worth evaluating your own capabilities and answering several questions.

Will the model of the stroller you are interested in enter the elevator, can you independently raise the toddler and child to the floor? Are there always helpers ready to help you out?

You probably guessed that based on the answers to these questions, you can understand which model is ideal for you. There are such heavy strollers that a woman simply can’t take them off the ground, not like lifting them to the floor. Classic strollers are often heavier than modular and other “static” options. When buying, be sure to check the weight of the stroller with the seller.


The maneuverability and patency of the stroller directly depends on the size of the wheels. The smaller the wheels, the more agile and maneuverable the stroller will be.

When choosing a stroller, imagine what roads you have to ride. If the roads are poorly cleaned, there are potholes and bumps on them, then it will be right to choose a stroller with large and reliable wheels, otherwise you run the risk of getting stuck in snow or slush. You have to drag the stroller along, and not roll. In addition, from small wheels more shaking.

It is worth paying attention to the lateral distance between the wheels. It will not be superfluous if you measure the width of the doorway in the elevator and the apartment, and compare them with the parameters of the stroller.


In good weather, it is much more convenient to ride a wheelchair equipped with rubber wheels. The ride will be smoother, the stroller will be softer and the child will not be shaken. The permeability of such wheels in dirt or snow is higher. However, strollers with large rubber wheels are heavier than their counterparts with plastic wheels.

Plastic wheels are harder and thinner in diameter, it is less convenient to drive such wheels in winter and their shock absorption is not as good as that of their rubber counterparts. At the same time, these strollers are more maneuverable, compact and light.


The designs of modern strollers are all more often equipped with a handle on which the adjustment button is located. This is convenient in cases where the stroller does not fit in the elevator, takes up a lot of space in the apartment, or its landing is too low. Some parents complain about the fragility of this device, if you press the button often, the design will quickly break down and fail, but if you choose a stroller of a reliable and proven manufacturer, the probability of such a breakdown is very small.


Most parents prefer a stroller that folds like a cane. Firstly, this folding mechanism is simple and convenient, and secondly, the stroller is very light and takes up little space. If you travel frequently or use public transport, this option is for you!


If you plan to transport the baby in the car, you will definitely need a restraining chair, but you cannot buy it separately, but buy a 3 in 1 stroller, where it is already provided and is included in the kit.

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