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An antiseptic is a disinfectant that is used in compliance with hygiene rules to prevent the transmission of pathogenic organisms. As a rule, such substances kill up to 99% of bacteria and viruses. Coronavirus 2020. Is it worth it to spend money on antibacterial agents?

Antibacterial gels are much more effective than hygienic soaps. At the heart of most of these tools is ordinary medical alcohol. Which destroys both different bacteria and viruses. And most importantly, it does it quickly, according to the WHO guidelines on hand hygiene in healthcare.

With the advent of antiseptic solutions and hand gels, maintaining hygiene outside the home has become much easier. Manufacturers make hand antiseptics compact, easy to use. Most of these products protect the skin from pathogens, give a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

Most Antiseptics are strictly intended to cleanse the hands and surfaces around. They cannot be used to treat wounds and the body as a whole. If an antiseptic gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with water. The use of antiseptics inside is also excluded. During the outbreak of coronavirus in 2020. WHO outlined the main precautions and hygiene measures?

Coronavirus 2020.Antibacterial agents Is it worth it to spend money on antibacterial agents?

Hand washing or handling is recommended in the following cases:

  • After coughing or sneezing
  • Before, during and after cooking
  • After processing raw meat
  • Before eating food
  • After:
  • visiting the toilet
  • visiting the street
  • After contact with animals or their metabolic products.

Types of funds:


They do not spread, are applied economically and have a long flow rate. Such a liquid itself evaporates from the surface of the hands, leaving no residue.

Coronavirus 2020.Antibacterial agents Sprays

Many Antiseptics in the form of a spray are also available. They have more alcohol and they have a characteristic smell. True, such options are more expensive than gel.


The most practical option that is always at hand is napkins. These are fabric options soaked in a special solution.


Cream disinfectants are the least common option. The use of antiseptics is obvious – maintaining hand hygiene in conditions where more standard and familiar means are not available. However, according to doctors, too active use of antiseptics can be fraught.

Antibacterial violate the microflora of the skin, and in some people cause allergies. Also, the frequent use of such drugs becomes the reason that bacteria and viruses. Adapt and become immune to the components of antiseptics, and this is a rather serious problem for humanity as a whole.

Doctors warned about the dangers of using antiseptics against Coronavirus 2020.Antibacterial agents

To reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, people have become more likely to use hand antiseptics. Some use sanitizers every 30 minutes and even treat their face.

But doctors are calling for replacing the use of an antibacterial gel or spray with hand washing with soap. Water and soap are many times more effective in fighting microbes than an antiseptic.

In addition, the skin of the hands suffers from the frequent use of antiseptic agents, losing their natural fat film, which serves as an excellent barrier against pathogens. To avoid unpleasant consequences, dermatologists recommend using moisturizers in addition to hand care.

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