Exercising For Weight Loss

What kind of sport is better to do? How, with what frequency and how much time do you need to play sports? There are a lot of questions, and they often scare most people Exercising For Weight Loss. Below you will find our tips on how to lose weight while playing sports.


Many say that losing weight should go hand in hand with regular physical activity. On the other hand, if a sport is important in the fight against excess weight. He alone will not be able to quickly save you from the accumulated kilograms.

In order to achieve truly effective results at the same time as playing sports. You need to follow not a diet, but a balanced diet. Similarly, just switching to proper nutrition will not bring the desired results if you do not play sports.

So, if you plan to lose a few pounds. You need to change your diet. reduce the number of calories received and increase energy consumption. It’s all about maintaining balance. In this case, you do not need to completely deny yourself food. But it is advisable to diversify your diet and limit your diet in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. You should forget about carbonated drinks, sweets, and other sweets and enrich your table with vegetables, fruits, and dairy products … Sports should be a natural complement to this process of changing eating habits.


First of all, remember that weight loss is not a synonym for weight loss. So, losing weight, you make a slimmer and fit figure. But this does not mean that the arrow on the scales will go to the left. Cardio training (running, cycling, swimming, etc.) leads to a significant expenditure of energy and burn fat. While strength training (muscle development) involves muscles that are fatter in weight.

Regardless of the type of activity that you choose. You can lose weight even with strength exercises because of the higher our muscle mass. The better the main metabolism, and the more we burn energy and, therefore, calories. In general, muscle development work allows you to burn more calories. Exercising For Weight Loss

From an energy point of view, 400-600 calories can be burned in an hour of running, cycling, or swimming. But a kilogram of body fat is equivalent to 8000 calories! If you take into account that 65 calories are spent per kilometer of walking. In order to lose one kilogram per month, you need to walk 4.6 km per day… Similarly, running at a speed of 8 km / h allows you to burn 80 calories per kilometer. So that it takes one kilogram to need to run a total of 12.5 hours! I must add that if you want to lose weight, then sports should be regular and take place with motivation…

If you have not been involved in physical activities for a long time. Then the return to sports should be gradual. A smooth increase in time and intensity of training will help to avoid injuries. It is better, in this case, to engage in the limits of endurance, that is. In the range of 60-75% of the maximum heart rate. If you are overweight, it is recommended to avoid sports with exercises with your own weight. It is advisable to give preference to cycling, swimming, or rowing exercises.

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