Health Tips or How to Extend Your Life

Health Tips or How to Extend Your Life

The tips presented below will take no more than 5 minutes a day to complete. Following these tips can take care of your body and keep it healthy for years to come.

Walk the stairs

This is a good practice, which gives a load on the legs and abs and still perfectly strengthens the cardiovascular system. But, of course, not everyone agrees to do it every day. In this case, there is a way out – going down is also very useful and also much easier.

Neck workout

Many lovers sit at a computer for a long time, often complain of neck pain, and it often stiffens if you sit for a very long time. Also a pain in the shoulders. Make your neck nice, and do the following: with a pencil in your mouth, write the alphabet from A to Z in the air. So you unload the neck and it will not take you much time.

Gargle with salt and water

This is a good way to prevent illness, spread a tablespoon of salt in a glass of warm water and gargle twice a day. It will be much more difficult for viruses to attack the nasopharyngeal mucosa. But rinsing and rinsing the nose with seawater is not recommended.

Breathing exercises

Most people think that you need to breathe more oxygen, they are mistaken, with cardio exercises you should hardly breathe. As one academician heart surgeon Amosov said: “any cell needs loads and limitation.” With the help of breathing exercises, you can close the cell’s access to oxygen and see what your cells will do in the future. Inhale and exhale all the air and try not to breathe for a while.

Eat raw vegetables and fruits

By the age of 30, we have a high risk of getting hemorrhoids and other diseases, and in the metropolis this probability is increased. And for all our consumption of harmful food, the body will not say thank you to us. Do not neglect fiber!

Lumbar Workout

Regularly perform the following exercise: stand on all fours, bend up and make circular movements of the pelvis for two minutes, the exercise is a little shameful, but in the future the lower back will thank you.

Before going to bed, pour cold water on your feet

So a person falls asleep faster and stronger, and with the help of such a short procedure the veins and capillaries on the legs are positively affected. Plus, this is hardening, so you can harden even faster than a person who douses with cold water every day.

Wake up your lazy muscles

Sit in the most uncomfortable position and, in addition, crouch, twist everything that is possible and hold out in this form for 1 minute. In this way, your lazy muscles will wake up and work. Next time, take a different pose and the stranger your sensations will be, the more “lazy” muscle fibers you have involved.

Spine exercise

Lean against the wall with your back straight, and in this state move away from the wall. Put a book on your head and try to sit down with it 10 times so that it does not fall. Such a simple exercise will have a beneficial effect on your posture and spine.

Drink more water

The best way to heal is to drink water after sleep – a glass or two. Fasting water – the ability to normalize weight and put a barrier to a number of diseases. Digestion improves, metabolism is stimulated. Many biochemical processes in the body are triggered. Thanks to this, the synthesis of blood cells is better. And the muscles eventually begin to function better.

Rest for the eyes

Close your eyes and cover them with your hand to create a feeling of complete darkness. Sit like this for about 5 minutes. They will rest a bit from long gatherings at the computer and will come in tone, and you can again stare at the monitor. Eye exercises will also be helpful.

Oriental medicine

Massage points on the ear, a very effective way. On the earlobe there are many points responsible for the functioning of the organs. Ear massage tone the body for the whole day and is beneficial in general. Therefore, do not forget to periodically pinch your ears.

If you are a drinker

Drink activated charcoal tablets before consuming alcoholic beverages. So you do not drink, do not get poisoned, and in the morning you will not feel bad. And if you are still tormented by a hangover, it can be removed using mineral waters containing magnesium.

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