Heeled shoes: are they good for our health?

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Taking care of your feet also means wearing soles for more comfort and Heeled shoes good for health. Transparent, self-fixing, non-slip and reusable, they avoid pain in the soles of the feet … Walk all day, dance all night!

And finally, always have in your bag a pair of ballerinas, like the New Yorkers who were the first to dare the sneakers with the tailor to go to the office.


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Be careful, if you plan to walk all day with shoes, it is better to be a confirmed user of heels. It is a must in the feminine wardrobe, but it is not without risk. These shoes with heels can quickly come close to vulgarity if they are not associated with the adequate clothing, and are not the most comfortable. Be careful not to put your feet anywhere: the pumps sink into the lawns, get stuck in the subway ventilation grilles … In short, these are not the most practical heel shoes but remain a pledge of femininity for an ultra-glamorous femme fatale look. Bring a pair of ballerinas in your purse to relieve your feet during the day.

Square heels

They are comfortable, stable and therefore easy to wear. Perfect for those who are new to heels?

Wedge heels

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Thanks to them, you can reach summits without having your feet “broken”. Take care anyway that the ankle is held under penalty of sprain. Avoid wedge boots that weigh down the silhouette, choose boots instead. Wedges being shoes with rather massive heels, they will tend to refine the leg and the calf.

Jewelry heels

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Stressed, embroidered, painted … they sparkle your approach. Perfect for bringing style and pep to a more sober outfit.

Don’t be afraid to buy flashy heeled shoes. They will be perfect to brighten up a sober evening dress like a little black dress. If you opt for jeans, you can afford all kinds of heels, which will have the effect of refining your figure. On the other hand, in miniskirts or shorts, we avoid dizzying heels unless you are young and ultra-fashion. Otherwise, it’s opaque tights mandatory!

If you are more of a “twig”, forget about wedges with a skirt to avoid the “cotton swab” effect. Prefer thinner and lighter shoes with heels. For a dress worn during the day, we will choose shoes with square heels that will erase the evening look aspect.

Comfortable heels: small heels

To wear shoes with heels all day (or all night to dance) without hurting your feet, you just have to adapt. To slim your figure, you don’t have to adopt the 12 cm stilettos (only Carrie Bradshaw can walk with dignity in New York on pumps).

You just have to know which heel height to choose. You can choose small heels of 5 centimeters. Square heels are the most comfortable because they promise you better balance.

If you cannot get out of very high heels, choose shoes with plateaus. The tray located on the front of the shoe will decrease the inclination of your foot and increase your comfort.

  • From back to foot: heels have drawbacks
  • To be avoided in case of osteoarthritis of the hip and knee
  • The calf can be shortened
  • Heels are bad for the forefoot
  • Heels can be beneficial in certain pathologies
  • Stilettos or wedges: choosing the right heels
  • Stretch your calves
  • Ideally 3 to 4 cm in height

From back to foot: heels have drawbacks

The heels push the body forward. When walking with high shoes, we will therefore try to compensate for this effect by digging the back, with repercussions on the cervico-dorso-lumbar spine.

The curvature of the back, which is increased with the heels, can create pain: low back pain. If you have spine problems or sciatica, avoid high heels as they can make your problems worse.

To be avoided in case of osteoarthritis of the hip and knee

To be able to stay upright when walking with heels, the hip is hyperextended, a non-physiological situation for people suffering from early osteoarthritis who tend to flex their hip.

The calf can be shortened

Over time, the calf may shorten, making it impossible to walk barefoot without pain. This is the case of elderly women who have walked all their lives with heels: they can no longer walk flat and are forced to wear heels so as not to hurt.

Heels are bad for the forefoot

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If the foot slides into the shoe, the support is only at the level of the forefoot, therefore on a small surface, causing pain called metatarsalgia.

These hyper pressure pains result in overheating, burning, or even electric shocks in the case of Morton’s neuroma.

Heels can be beneficial in certain pathologies

Constantly walking flat does not have a harmful effect on the body: men never wear heels and they do not get any worse. Heels are not beneficial in themselves.

Nevertheless, they can provide an answer to certain problems. In these particular cases, the heels must have a precise height adapted to each pathology to bring relief.

Stilettos or wedges: choosing the right heels

You can wear high heels from time to time, for example in the evening. To compensate for their harmful effects, alternate wearing high heel shoes and walking flat.

Stretch your calves

It is also recommended to do some calf stretching exercises from time to time.

To do this, sit down, legs straight in front of you, and pull your toes towards you. Also make lunges upright: put one leg in front of the other and bend the leg in front, the leg remaining behind must be “knee extended” in order to bend the ankle.

Ideally 3 to 4 cm in height

Depending on the height but also the position and the diameter of the heel, the instability is greater or less. Stiletto heels exacerbate this problem of instability because they are very thin and require a particular position. The foot can be badly held, with the consequence of a risk of sprain.

For a good front-back balance of the foot in women, orthopedic surgeons recommend a heel height of 3 to 4 cm and a width greater than 2 cm.

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