Top 10 makeup products in Pakistan

top brand in Pakistan

Mascaras, kohls, brushes, eyeshadow, compact powders or loose powders, mineral powders, make-up base. You do not know which palette to dedicate? Do you want to compose a base of tools and products with which you can make a daytime makeup like an evening makeup? Hop, follow the guide and discover our top 10 makeup products in Pakistan.

There is enough to lose your Latin in the make-up department of our favorite perfumeries: so many products, so many brands and so many tools are available…

In your cosmetic bag, you must:

1. A foundation

top brand in Pakistan

While choosing your foundation, it’s an art.

Our advice? Always choose the exact tone of your complexion! Many choose their foundation a hair darker than their complexion because they think, wrongly, that the color makes them look good.

2. Matte paper

This is the BFF skins that shine (without highlighter!). During the day, the excess of sebum produced plays tricks on us!

So to have a complexion always unified, we slide a small notebook of matifying papers in his handbag for a matte result to dazzle, without ever shining!

3. A black mascara

top brand in Pakistan

Whatever the color of our eyes, whatever their shape, black mascara is a safe, simple, effective, indispensable.

It remains to find the right one. Depending on the nature of your eyelashes, you will prefer a curling mascara, thickening, lengthening and choose according to your preferences, a silicone brush or a classic hair brush.

4. A lip balm (tinted)

top brand in Pakistan

Our lips also need hydration.

So, if there is one essential to have with you summer and winter, it’s the lip balm.

The must is to choose the tinted so that it comes to give a touch of pep’s to your make-up look.

5. A land of sunshine

It replaces the blush and adds a good-looking effect.

It is applied with the help of the sunlight powder brush l (another essential to always have in his makeup kit) by forming a “3” on the face.

6. A bronzing powder brush

top brand in Pakistan

Because to apply its sun powder, it is imperative to a brush, we opt for a curved model to carve the face and give this effect “good looks” as desired!

7. A pocket mirror

top brand in Pakistan

Because when you wear makeup, you have to be conscientious, you draw your pocket mirror!

A small mirror that always needs, but then always have on you, for a small editing during the day. A flowing mascara, a lipstick that goes off: accidents are quickly arrived. So we keep his little mirror close at hand.

8. A Beauty Blender

top brand in Pakistan

Why do we love it?

Because it absorbs foundation, corrective makeup and melts on the skin for an invisible and natural. Its tip makes it possible to make up the contours of the face, and the small areas like the contour of the eyes, the mouth, and the ridge of the nose.

9. A corrector

Because none of us are immune to a small redness or imperfection, the corrector must be part of this top 10 essentials.

Apply small touches on perfectly localized areas, it will make up our face and bring him brightness.

10. An eyebrow gel-cream

top brand in Pakistan

Since Cara Delevingne is the face of almost all fashion and cosmetics brands, eyebrows are our new passion. Impossible to go out without making them up.

So for eyebrows always in the hair, even when they are sparse, we slide in his make-up kit a gel-cream, to ensure a flawless outfit throughout the day.

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